Sabina Jafarova
Full-time graduate student from Azerbaijan

I am a masters student in the New Media Department at KHAS. After graduating from Baku State University, I decided to continue my education in the New Media field. Before making a decision, I researched several universities in Turkey, and found out that Kadir Has University was the first university to offer New Media BA and MA programs. I discovered that KHAS has lots of opportunities for students in their future career and self-development. I also received a scholarship at KHAS. So, I would like to mention that my university has different types of scholarship opportunities for international students. I am so happy to be a KHAS student. It is the most complete pleasure and confidence to study here and to be in the center of plenty of activities, especially in the New Media industry. KHAS is an education brand in Turkey and I wish everyone to be a part of this brand.


Yan Karpinsiy
Full-time undergraduate student from Russia

Hello, my name is  Yan Karpinskiy. I was born and raised in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. I came to Turkey in 1999. Since 2009, I have been a student at the Department of International Relations at Kadir Has University. I was planning to study in Russia but after I saw Kadir Has University, I changed my mind. I was impressed by the close of communication between students and staff. I thought that Kadir Has University can open doors to career opportunities for me. The university with its high education standards and career counseling has become my home. Especially getting my education in the English language has contributed to my academic development. Kadir Has University has a very attractive location. My friends in Russia admire the sea views from my university.  I hear tourists walking by my campus say “a really charming place”. Many Kadir Has students are aware of this special advantage. I also am very happy and proud to be a Kadir Has student.


Chris Marshall 
Erasmus student from Bath Spa University (UK), Literature major

“I am in the final year of my literature degree and felt that I needed to inject some life into my studies, and what better way could there be than to acquire knowledge on university in a different country. Moreover, experiencing life on the precipice of the occident and the orient is an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. The sheer scale of Istanbul will never cease to amaze me, nor will its ability to seamlessly merge the new alongside the old. The people I have met and the things that I have seen have made this year one, if not the most, memorable in my years to come.” 

Tugba Kalaz
Erasmus student from Ghent University (Belgium), Masters student in Business Engineering

“My name is Tugba Kalaz and I am from Belgium. I have a Turkish origin, but I was born and live in Belgium. I study Business Engineering at Ghent University and this year I'm in Turkey to write my masters thesis about Corporate Social Responsibiliy. I'm here as an Erasmus student and I attend Kadir Has University. KHAS is located near the Golden Horn and from the university there is an amazing view of the city. The campus is really beautiful. I can't forget my first impression: I was astonished by the crowded places; I loved the beautiful historical views and the food... I'm happy that I chose to be here for a year. I made this choice, because I was curious about my country of origin. In Turkey, I get the chance to study, meet new people and I learn the Turkish culture better. Overall, I love istanbul and the busy life here.”

Andea Cristina

Erasmus student from Romania
Dear Istanbul,

For the past 

couple of months, I have been trying my best to understand what it was about Turkey that made me fall in love with you the way I did. I must admit, I had my doubts, I must admit that I underestimated you at some points, I must admit that you challenged me in many ways, but at the same time you mesmerized me until that stage of realizing your blueprint upon my soul.

We played hide and seek together, when revealing our strengths, mostly to ourselves. We played chess and tried to make the best moves on the board so that we will have the best results in our common experience. We played hopscotch and made steps forwards for all those times when we wanted or we needed to move ahead. We played lullabies to one another so that we can see the bigger picture the way it actually was – a fairytale. Fortunately we both won. The best part of it still was not winning, but the game itself as it is when travelling, either from A to B or simply within life. What makes the difference is the road itself and its unpredictability, not the destination in particular.

Commonly agreed we somehow played by our own rules. But that did not stop us from acting according to the reality on a scene filled with twisted memories. We improvised accordingly to the news, we kept ourselves motivated every time and most important of all we did not lose our souls. I felt trapped for a while in the beauty of your corners. I was conquered by your essences and pastel nuances. I watched you being alive, as well as asleep, and I managed to taste in my own way, the menu available whenever desired. The sound of the Bosporus accompanied me while walking for my life. In the meantime, seagulls helped me find the answer of my dilemmatic feelings towards you. I may have missed my past or not. I may have missed one or another but I never missed being surprised. Who does that after all?

The reason why I fell in love with you, the way you surprised me, was by giving me the chance of meeting people who have drawn real maps in my soul. People that I will always remember and people who, with no absolute doubt, will keep inspiring me simply by the way they were and are.

There are things in life that come and go by their nature, because they were meant to be fugitive. But there are also things that dissipate since they are passing by in accordance with motivated consequences. There are people who do that as well. But there are also moments that will always make me feel the rhythm of happiness and joy, kindness and respect, support and friendship. They were Egyptian, Lebanese, Nigerian and Turkish. They were my friends, my new family, my guidance and sometimes my refugee. And at the end of it all, they still are.

A particular component of the puzzle is reserved for my teachers that I had at Kadır Has University in Istanbul. I knew that I would have major lessons of IR concerns seeded in my own curiosity – challenges that would enlarge my chatterbox – within their courses, but I did not suspect the life lessons that were about to be offered to me. The Turkish coffee became instantly a pretty good option, the library my personal Achilles’ heel and Taksim my sweet escape. Add to that the midterms atmosphere, finals emotions, research papers or individual projects and there you have it, all the ingredients of my own recipe, well baked and full of genuine satisfactions.

I could not have done anything like that without their guıdance and constant involvement, therefore my best memories remain mostly in the classrooms. They say the environment generally speaking has a direct impact on one’s path. They say as well that home is where the heart is. I could not agree more. Luckily I had both in Istanbul.

Keepıng this in mind, I emphasized the way I sensed you. In changing measures they completed the entire landscape of my own wonderland and my motivatıon for my life’s achievements.

I am a lucky yabancı who met you and hopes to have you around further on. I am a lucky yabancı who remembers you with tears of joy. I am a yabancı who smiles while writing these words and having Turkish flashbacks!

Truly yours,