Erasmus Outgoing

Erasmus and European Programs Unit evaluates Erasmus applications of the undergraduate and graduate students according to the General Selection Criteria.

  • Students are supposed to finish at least 1 academic year. This criterion doesn’t apply for the Internship exchanges.
  • English proficiency would be demanded according to the Criteria determined by Foreign Languages Department. (i.e. EL 101-102(at least CB) EL201-202(at least CC), TOEFL IBT (min. 78 points), YDS (min. 65 points), IELTS (for academic 5.5, but some exceptional universities in UK (i.e. Coventry University) demands minimum 6.5 academic IELTS score.)
  • For undergraduate students’ minimum GPA 2.20, for graduate students’ minimum GPA 2.50 criteria need to be fulfilled.
  • Attendance to orientation meetings are compulsory to make your application!
  • The applications must be done on time according to the deadlines and must be done officially.
  • In the application interviews, personal skills are also demanded from the applicants in addition to their academic achievement and English proficiency.

Are periodically declared on Web, posters and boards.

2017-2018 Spring Semester Erasmus Applications are going to be done at SPARKS system ONLINE. (from the My applications- Erasmus Applications tabs in the student pages in SPARKS)

  • SPARKS Online Application Form (Needs to be printed and signed and should be brought with the English proficiency documents (the last one If needed) (IELTS, Toefl or YDS) to the Erasmus department coordinator before the deadlines.
  • Transcript
  • English proficiency document (This document is not asked to the students who fulfils the EL course conditions and the students who are exempt.)
  • The students who are found eligible, must apply to the universities individually under the supervision of the Erasmus and European Programs Department.
  • Students must collect and provide all the required documents and apply before the mentioned application deadlines.
  • Students are responsible for applying for the student visa form the host country consulate following to their acceptance letters.
  • The students must prepare two learning agreements, under the supervision of their departmental coordinators. The Learning agreements which are not signed by the two sides are not accepted and providing credits is not possible. The learning agreement should be signed and sealed by the host university and student’s own university responsible people and by the students theirselves (for the students only signature)
  • During their mobility, students are responsible for arranging their travels and the costs related to their daily life and travels.
  • Students must provide a health insurance that covers the duration of their whole mobility period.
  • Students must obey to the regulations and working hours of the host university during their whole mobility period.
  • The Documents required to be provided from the host university after the mobility:
    • A document or certificate showing the attendance to the mobility program that mentions the start and end date of the study mobility.
    • The Official transcript
    • The original Learning Agreements (if possible, the one with the changes applied on)
    • Arrival-Departure Form
    • The pages of the Passport showing the arrival and departure to the country.
  • After their first instalment of the total subsistence grants, if student doesn’t have any subsistence and if student wants to extend his mobility without getting a subsistence after the first semester, the higher education organizations can accept the request of these students to stay in the host country without getting any subsistence with the all Erasmus rules and regulations still apply, if there is an enough grant for the project year. But, the current learning agreement and student agreement must be updated and must be signed by the all sides of the agreements in 1 month. The Higher Education Organizations are responsible for this procedure to be executed fair and objectively.
  • If it’s found that the student doesn’t attend to his/her classes and doesn’t fulfil the requirements of the classes, also regarding to their (2/3 success criteria) failure at the classes they are registered to, 20% of the total amount of the subsistence grant for their whole mobility will not be paid.

The subsistence grants amounts for students for studying or doing internships according to the countries are pre-determined. The subsistence grants for regions are determined separately. Studying and internship mobility subsistence grants according to the host country regions are provided in the table below:

Table: Students Study and Internship Subsistence Grant Amounts (€)

Countries according to the life expenses

Host Countries

Monthly Student Studying Subsistence (€)

Monthly Student Internship Subsistence (€)

Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom



Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey



Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia



Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Bioinformatic and Genetic Associate Prof. Demet Akten
Computer Engineering Asisstant Prof. Öznur Yaşar Diner
Electronics Engineering Asisstant Prof. Arif Selçuk Öğrenci
Energy System Engineering Asisstant Prof. Gökhan Kirkil
Industrial Engineering Associate Prof. Funda SAMANLIOĞLU
Administrative, Economics and Social Sciences Faculty International Relations + Political Sciences and Public Administration Prof.Dr Serhat Güvenç
Economics Asisstant Prof. İpek Gürsel Tapkı
Psychology Associate Prof. Ahu Gökçe
Communication Faculty Public Relations and Information Asistant Prof. Burak ÖZÇETİN
Radio, Television and Cinema  Dr. Esin Cengiz PAÇA
New Media Pantelis Vatikiotis
Communication Design  Dr. Aslı Narin
Advertising Asisstant Prof. Ayse Binay KURULTAY
Management Faculty Business Administration  Assistant Prof.Nur Çavdaroğlu
International Trade and Finance Assistant Prof. Belma Öztürkkal
Management of Information Systems Assistant Prof. Christophe Bisson 
Banking and Insurance Dr. Feridun Yalvaç
Accounting and Financial Management Prof.Dr. Bora Ocakçıoğlu
Law Faculty Law Asistant Prof. Argun KARAMANLIOĞLU
Fine Arts Faculty Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Asistant Prof. Orçun KEPEZ
Industrial Design Asistant Prof. Ayşe E.Coşkun ORLANDİ
Architecture Asistant Prof. Ezgi Tuncer
Graphic Design Asistant Prof. Nur BALKIR KURU
Theater Prof. Dr. Çetin SARIKARTAL
Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering Graduate Studies (Master &doctorat) Associate Prof. Funda SAMANLIOĞLU
Graduate School of Social Sciences Graduate Studies (Master &doctorat) Associate Prof. Çiğdem Bozdağ
School of Applied Sciences Accounting and Financial Management Asistant Prof. Zeynep Deniz Dervişen
International Trade and Logistics Asistant Prof. Müberra Yüksel