Exchange Outgoing

Kadir Has University provides educational opportunities abroad to its students through student exchange agreements with leading universities in USA, Canada, Europe, the Far East.
Students may study one or two semesters in universities which we have an exchange agreement if they fulfil the admission requirements. KHAS students do not pay tuition fees at the partner university under the university exchange student contracted. However, exchange students are responsible for personal expenses, medical insurance, accommodation, their travel and visa costs.


General Requirements for Application:
  1. The selected university must be in our partner list
  2. Students must finish at least 1-year study in Kadir Has University
  3. Minimum GPA must be 2.5/4.0
  4. If the partner university ask English Proficiency exam, student must get a sufficient TOEFL or IELTS score
  • USA universities may stipulate to students about their accommodation in university’s dorms. Students can determine their accommodations for other country’ universities.

Application Documents:

  1. Please check our International Students webpage for partner universities web adress:
  2. You must contact and agreed with your departmental coordinator for your course selection!
  3. You must fill the Application Form – Please contact with Exchange Programs Officer to get each universities forms.
  4. Get the Official letter from your or your family’s bank account in english. The amount must cover all personal expenses and accommodation for a study period. And it might be changed according to country (please contact with international office in this manner)!
  5. 1 Reference Letter from your department
  6. English Transcript
  7. Proposal Letter (no more than one page)
  8. Photocopy of your passport ID pages
  • All original application documents must given to the Exchange Programs Officer.

Application Deadlines

Fall semester: 1st of February – 15th of March
Spring semester: 1st of October - 30th of October
(it shows varieties from the university, please ask Exchange Programs Officer)

Information after the application:

  1. Partner universities send your acceptance letter in 1 month after we send all your documents. Acceptance letter is sent to your adress which you stated in the application form.
  2. Exchange students who may apply to USA universities, they have to pay SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitors Information System) Fee after they received their acceptance letter.
  3. Every students who apply USA visa, they must pay the SEVIS fee online by credit card after received acceptance letter. After you paid SEVIS fee, receipt will come to your adress via post and now you can apply to your USA visa with your receipt and acceptance letter.
  4. Other countries visa application: Acceptance letter, other application documents and student certificate which is taken from student affairs Office

Contact Person

Nur Eradli, M.Sc.
Tel: + 90 212-5336532       ext. 1126

Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Information Technologies+ Management of Information Sciences Prof. Dr. Hasan Dag
Computer Engineering Asisstant Prof. Cafer Caliskan
Electronics Engineering Asisstant Prof. Arif Selçuk Öğrenci D-220
Energy System Engineering Asisstant Prof. Gökhan Kirkil D-249
Industrial Engineering Associate Prof. Funda SAMANLIOĞLU D-035/2
Administrative, Economics and Social Sciences Faculty International Relations + Political Sciences and Public Administration Associate Prof. Lerna Yanık A-229
International Trade and Finance Asisstant Prof. Canan Yıldırım A-055
Economics Asisstant Prof. İpek Gürsel Tapkı A-071
Business Administration  Assistant Prof.Nur Çavdaroğlu  
Psychology Associate Prof. Rita Krespi Boothby A-072
Communication Faculty Public Relations and Information Prof.Dr. Banu BAYBARS HAWKS A-256
Radio, Television and Cinema  Dr. Esin Cengiz PAÇA A-209
New Media Asistant Prof. Çiğdem Bozdağ A-208
Communication Design  Dr. Aslı Narin  
Advertising Asisstant Prof. Ayse Binay KURULTAY A-207
Law Faculty Law Asistant Prof. Argun KARAMANLIOĞLU D-057
Fine Arts Faculty Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Asistant Prof. Orçun KEPEZ C-032
Industrial Design Asistant Prof. Ayşe E.Coşkun ORLANDİ C-1st floor
Architecture Asistant Prof.  Sevil Enginsoy Ekinci C-205
Graphic Design Asistant Prof. Nur BALKIR KURU C-008
Theater Prof. Dr. Çetin SARIKARTAL  
Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering Graduate Studies (Master &doctorat) Asistant Prof. Funda SAMANLIOĞLU D-035/2
Graduate School of Social Sciences Graduate Studies (Master &doctorat) Associate Prof. Özgür Orhan Gazi A-063
School of Applied Sciences School of Applied Sciences Dr. Ömer Faruk Görçün