1. Students are supposed to finish at least 1 academic year. This criterion doesn’t apply for the Internship exchanges.
  2. English proficiency would be demanded according to the Criteria determined by Foreign Languages Department. (i.e. EL 101-102(at least CB) EL201-202(at least CC), TOEFL IBT (min. 78 points), YDS (min. 65 points), IELTS (for academic 5.5, but some exceptional universities in UK (i.e. Coventry University) demands minimum 6.5 academic IELTS score.)
  3. For undergraduate students’ minimum GPA 2.20, for graduate students’ minimum GPA 2.50 criteria need to be fulfilled.
  4. Attendance to orientation meetings are compulsory to make your application!
  5. The applications must be done on time according to the deadlines and must be done officially

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs