Mehmet YAVUZ 
Summer Exchange Student at University of Seoul, Korea 
Department of Political Science and Public Administrationon

South Korea that I’ve been able to went as a summer exchange student of Kadir Has University has been a unique experience to me not just academically but also socially. In the University of Seoul that I had the opportunity of studying during the Summer Semmester of 17’, I’ve luckly been able to take courses from professors all around the world that were leading names in their fields such as Politics, Culture, Language not just on South Korea&Asia but also on any kind of Study. I’ve also met with lots of international people in UoS including people from Korea, Japan, US, UK, Australia etc. that I spent good times with, who did become very close friends of me. Besides all of these, by socialiazing with Asias&South Korea’s people and culture that are attractively very different than the countries, places than I’ve seen, I got the opportunity of travelling around South Korea’s historical, natural and cultural beauties, from the ones in Seoul to one’s in Jeju Island, as well as I did collect great memories in Korea’s unique entertainment venue’s. Furthermore, it was unforgetabble to discover deepths of Korean Cuisine. When I look at back, I can honestly say that I did expand my horizon with the happinnesses and experiences that I exercised during my trip to South Korea as well as I started to identify world that I live in a better way, which all made me to look more substantive to the future. I hope that I will South Korea again, and if it would happen it is thanks to no one but KHAS which gave me this unique opportunity which would otherwise not even imagine. Thank you KHAS&UoS&Seoul!

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