Following the completion of the program, student has to take the following steps:

  • Certificate of Attendance : Submit the Certificate of Participation to OIP. Learning Agreement-After Mobility: Submit “After Mobility” part of LA after getting the required signatures. Fill online EU Survey: EU Survey is needed to be filled out online. Erasmus and Exchange Office will be sending you the link of the survey through the Mobility Tool.
  •  OLS: Students are required to complete the 2nd OLS test at the end of their mobility period.
  •  Transcript: You are required to submit a copy of your transcript to Erasmus and Exchange Office. Most of the time, partner universities send transcripts to the office and then inform students. Students are required to collect the original copy of their transcript from Erasmus and Exchange Office and take it to their faculties for transfer of courses with grades and credits.
  • After the Mobility Document 

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs