After you are selected please note that you will be expected to submit documents below to Erasmus and Exchange Office:

  • Learning agreement for Study: Students have to fill in all the parts on the Learning Agreement electronically. Hand-written Learning Agreement is not accepted by the office. Students are asked to fill in the Learning Agreement and sign it. Students should also get the signature of the host university’s representative, Departmental Erasmus Coordinator. Electronically filled out and fully signed LA should be submitted to Erasmus and Exhange office. To see how to fill out a learning agreement, please check here. 
  • Letter of acceptance: You are asked to submit the “Letter of Acceptance” when you receive it from the host university.
  • Course Equivalency Form: Similar to Learning Agreement, you are asked the fill out the Course Equivalency Form in coordination with your Departmental Academic Erasmus Coordinator. Participant is required to submit the approved & signed form to Erasmus and Exchange office.
  • Insurance Coverage: Students are required to have an international insurance coverage for the duration of their mobility and submit the proving paperwork to Erasmus and Exchange Office.
  • Online Linguistic Support (OLS): Once students complete above-mentioned documents, they will be assigned an online language test via e-mail by Erasmus and Exchange Office. This test has to be completed within the timeline provided. If it is not completed on time, sanctions mentioned in the grant agreement will be implemented.
  • Garanti Bank Euro Account.
  • Grant Agreement: Once the student completes and submits all the documents to Erasmus and Exchange office, a draft version of the Grant Agreement is shared with the student by Erasmus and Exchange Office. The student is obliged to fill in necessary places (i.e. bank account details, etc.), sign each page of the agreement and sign the signatory part of two copies of the agreement. The student is then asked to submit 2 signed copies to Erasmus and Exchange office.


Undergraduate & Graduate Programs