1. Online Application from MyKhas Portal
  2. You may reach that portal here: https://stu-my.khas.edu.tr/
  3. Your user name is your Student ID, your password is the same with your Sparks System.
  4. You will do the online application and upload your official transcript.
  5. If you are a Graduate Student you should declare a Language Certificate (We accept, Toefl, YDS, E-YDS, YÖKDİL. Please go check the selection procedure for minimum grades: https://international.khas.edu.tr/selection-procedures-17)
  6. English proficiency document if you did not fulfil the EL code English Courses. (This document is not asked to the students who fulfils the EL course conditions and the students who are exempt). This document must declare firstly to the Student Affairs Office for your English Grade. (Toefl, YDS, E-YDS, YÖKDİL)

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs