Living in Istanbul from an International Student's Perspective

Istanbul is known as the city of cities. Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” Istanbul is full of arts, sports, cultural events, and historical buildings from the Byzantine period and the Bosphorus perspective, divided into two, such as the European and Anatolian sides. Istanbul is full of magnificent and gorgeous scenery and weather, as well as kind, hospitable, and intriguing people willing to tell you about their culture and learn about yours. In Istanbul, you may try new things and learn a new language and culture.

Kadir Has University campus is conveniently accessible from any place in Istanbul and is located in Istanbul’s Fatih district, in the Cibali area on the shore of the Golden Horn. Tekel Cibali Factory, once Tekel’s tobacco warehouse and cigarette factory, has been restored to its original state and transformed into our university campus. The rectorate, faculties, institutes, and research centers are now situated on this campus, which is located in a prestigious and historically significant neighborhood of Istanbul. The “Europa Nostra Award” for European architecture has been bestowed upon our campus.

Most significantly, our lovely campus is home to hundreds of international students from dozens of nations!

Here are the reasons why you should study in Istanbul…

Istanbul is a Multicultural and Diverse City

Istanbul is a city with a rich cultural past. Because of the lengthy history of the numerous nations and ethnicities, it has a diverse cultural heritage. Everyone here regards everyone as equal, regardless of religion, race, language, or color, and everyone respects everyone other. You will fall in love with Istanbul’s wonderful essence, comprised of numerous cultures!

Its History and Peculiar Structures Will Fascinate You

Istanbul is a metropolis inhabited for thousands of years, and numerous civilizations have attempted to conquer it. You may never want to miss viewing the most remarkable historical sites in the Faith neighborhood. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, and many more attractions can be found in Istanbul. Most significantly, these magnificent sculptures and structures are approximately a 15–20-minute walk away from our campus!

Its People Will Captivate You

Turkish people have long excelled in hospitality. Almost every visitor would tell you about a kind stranger who aided them and even invited them to their home for supper with their family. You will immediately observe that Turks enjoy assisting others and are kind to guests!

It’s Reasonably Priced

In this era of increasing economic sensitivity in developing countries, it has grown increasingly appealing to be a student in Istanbul, particularly after COVID. The competitive exchange rate strategy we adopt as a government policy attempts to make us a more attractive nation for investments, production, and employment. To cover living and accommodation expenditures in Istanbul, an international student should budget up to 700 EUR per month (2022-23 academic year).

We Have a Collection of Mouth-Watering Meals

Istanbul offers a diverse choice of cuisines from many ethnic groups. As Istanbul is the most culturally diversified Turkish metropolis, it contains elements of many various cuisines. Istanbul, which spans two continents and is surrounded on six sides by seas, consumes significantly more fish and seafood than the rest of the country. In addition, Istanbul’s street cuisine never disappoints because it is both delicious. Prepare to be amazed by the tastes of Istanbul!

Living Expenses


The average home rental price for the whole of Istanbul is about 5-6 USD per square meter, which means a 100 m2 flat renting price is between 500-600 USD per month.

Food Expenses

Food expenses, on average, are 200 USD per month. 


Using public transportation is the cheapest way to get around Istanbul. It is also safe and convenient.

For students, a special card costs 7-10 USD per month. 

Household Bills 

Electric: 20-30 USD per month.

Water and Sewerage: 20 USD per month. 

Natural Gas for locally heating your flat: 65-85 USD per month (during winter).

Telephone, Internet, Digital TV, and GSM: As there is competition between the significant telecommunications and entertainment companies in Turkey, you may buy all-in-one “Telephone + Internet + Digital TV” packages for about 15-25 USD per month and GSM for 8-10 per month.