“Natural Gas Exploitation in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Holistic Approach” Report by CESD

13 September 2023

The “Natural Gas Exploitation Eastern Mediterranean: A Holistic Approach” report was prepared by a team consisting of Kadir Has University Energy and Sustainable Development Center (CESD) interns Rahma Elfeky and Dimitrios Karampalis, CESD visiting Researcher Dr. John Bowlus, and graduates of the Energy and Sustainable Development Master’s Program Hazal Mengi and Sadık Erkan Tan and was led by Prof. Dr. Volkan Ediger. The report was published with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s Türkiye Office. 

The study aims to evaluate activities related to the exploration, discovery, production, and export of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as the delineation of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) boundaries systemically with a holistic view. It also examines the impact of these activities on the economies, policies, and strategies of Eastern Mediterranean countries at the country, regional, and global levels. The report utilizes qualitative and quantitative media analysis of six newspapers—two from Egypt, two from Greece, and two from Turkey—to identify critical moments within the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Exploitation System (EMGES).

The report can be downloaded from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s website: