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You may find the results below for Erasmus+ Traineeship and Consortium. 

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Liste Erasmus Notu'na göre sıralanmıstır.
Erasmus Notu : (GNO/100*50) + (YABANCI DİL/100*50) Erasmus Score: Academic GPA %50, English Language Score: %50.

The first 6 names on the list were entitled to benefit from the Internship Mobility with a grant. A 'Letter of Acceptance' must be submitted by Wednesday, June 15th. Otherwise, the turn will pass to the next student.

Students who bring a letter of acceptance are marked with a ** sign next to them and earned +10 points.

Students who have benefited from mobility before are indicated with a *** sign next to them and they lost -10 points.

Internships on the following areas will be awarded +5 points: Cybersecurity, big data, quantum technology and machine learning or boost digital skills for business in areas like web design, digital marketing, and software development.



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