Dear Students,

Your health and safety is always our top priority in the decisions we have taken so far and will take in order to maintain all our activities in the 2020-2021 academic year.

As an academic institution, our most important principles during the pandemic are maintaining the health and safety of our students, academicians and administrative staff, ensuring equal access of our students to our activities, as well as ascertaining the sustainability of the scientific research activities within our University under all conditions.

Due to the fact that face-to-face education is a significant risk for our students, academicians, administrative staff, and all our stakeholders in the fall semester of 2020-2021, in the meeting held on 07.09.2020, the University Senate has decided that the educational activities shall continue according to the following principles during the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Term:

  • The theoretical courses and practical training will be held remotely over digital media.
  • The manner of the upcoming final exams will be further determined according to the pandemic conditions and announced separately.
  • Students will be permitted to freeze their registration free of charge based on their request.
  • Senior students in their graduation year, who take the applied courses over digital media during the pandemic, will be entitled to retake the same courses free of charge in the future semesters.

You can find the milestones of the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester below:

21 and 23 September 2020 Monday and Wednesday KHAS English Proficiency Exam (Two Stages) for undergraduate students who have enrolled through the 2020 YKS exam or through lateral transfer/ transfer from abroad.
29 September 2020 Tuesday Beginning of the fall semester registration renewal, course selections and advisor approvals.
2 October 2020 Friday End of registration renewal
End of the course selection period for fall semester.
5 October 2020 Monday Beginning of fall semester classes.
8 -13 October 2020 Thursday-Tuesday Fall semester course add-drop period.
2 November 2020 Monday Last day to apply to freeze registration.
Beginning of the fall semester course withdrawal period.
8 January 2021 Friday End of Fall semester classes.
15-30 January 2021 Friday-Saturday Fall semester (final) exam period.

The University campus buildings will be open to your access also during the fall semester, while the academic activities are held through distance learning and over digital media. You can continue to benefit from the social facilities and open areas in our campus, though they are limited, provided that you comply with the pandemic restrictions and strict social distance rules. You can use the classrooms, library and laboratories on the campus by appointment.

Your health and safety is our priority and we can update our practices according to the decisions of the government authorities in the course of the global pandemic. We are looking forward for this pandemic to subside soonest possible in order to reach the days we will come together with you at our campus again.

With our best wishes

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs