From September, 2017 to June, 2018, I lived in one of the most charming cities of the world, that is Istanbul. And these ten-month period has already been quite meaningful in my life so far.

As an exchange student in Kadir Has University, I majored in Radio, Television, and Cinema Department. Due to the flexibility of choosing courses, I also took some courses in New Media and Visual Communication Design Department, which helped me broaden my horizons of other fields.

One of the most impressing courses I took was Data Journalism, and the professor was Pınar Dağ. Since I’ve wanted to become a journalist, I’d like to enhance my capability of press professions. The “hocam” provided plenty of knowledges in data journalism to us, including detailed elements of “data,” not only the theories but also the examples of high-quality reports in this field. I could feel the enthusiasm of hocam and always willing to follow her steps.

Besides the academic part, I also enjoyed spending time with friends who I met in KHAS. Special thanks to the assistance of International Collaboration and Education Office and ESN Kadir Has, for helping deal with all the tasks and making me feel at ease when I first arrived in Istanbul. With much of interactions with my buddy and friends in school, I was capable of knowing Turkish people better. In my mind, Turkish are always optimistic and willing to help. While I couldn’t understand Turkish, they would help me figure out and make me feel warm :)

In these ten months, I’ve been traveling to other cities in Turkey. However, I could only feel at home in Istanbul. Not to mention the spectacular natural view in this city, which are known as Bosporus sea and lots of forests and seashores, there are also all kinds of historical and artistic spots here. The places I loved the most are the museums, which I could use student museum card for passing, feelimg myself more steps closer to the culture aspect whenever I entered these museums.

All in all, I never regret giving myself a chance to take a glance of this country and city. I’ll keep all the things I did, all the food I tried, all the friends I met, and all the spots I’ve been in my mind, always regarding Turkey as my second homeland. Hopefully I will visit again soon :)

Ya-wen, Chuang

2018.09.13 in Taipei, Taiwan


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