Kadir Has Dormitories

Kadir Has University offers limited number of dormitory accommodation for international students. Kadir Has Residence Hall consist of two separate female and male dormitories. Female dormitory is located in a walking distance from the main campus. Halic, within 15 min. university shuttle ride.

Student dormitories feature semi private bathrooms, laundry rooms, cable TV and 24 hour internet access and mini kitchens equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and kettles. Standard room is furnished with bookshelves, single or bunker beds, chairs and private cupboards.

Please contact international@khas.edu.tr for dormitory reservations.

SINGLE ROOM 4.100 4.100
DOUBLE ROOM (BIG) 3.250 3.100
DOUBLE ROOM 3.000 3.000
TRIPLE ROOM  - 2.500

*For 9 months WHAT WE PROVIDE
Closet Space/Limited Storage High speed wireless internet access
One bed per student
One desk and desk chair per student

The Kadir Has Main Campus is aptly situated on the Golden Horn, the cultural heart of historic Istanbul. Since it is in the center of the city, it is easily reachable by public transportation. There are many small apartments, dormitories affiliated with the university, hotels and small apartments nearby, where students may easily find lodging in accordance with their needs and budgets.

The International Collaboration and Education Office will guide the students in finding an appropriate accommodation.

There is no available space for Erasmus and Exchange students. Off campus housing is available in private residences. We can recommend 3 residences or alternatively you can find your own accommodation.


ErasmusInn is a peer to peer rental accommodation platform where Erasmus students and hosts can find and rent properties online in a secure way. “ErasmusInn offers a platform for tenants to book online without visiting the property. ErasmusInn guarantees that the property is like in the pictures or a 100% refund.” The contact team of the Erasmus Inn: “We are in contact with each of our hosts to ensure the validity of each listing.” For further information and booking, please check the website: https://www.erasmusinn.com/


Erasmus Houses (located in business area, 3-4 bus stops from campus) http://www.erasmushouses.com/

Apartments with 2-3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, Tv and internet.

Please contact the Director Mr.Uner info@erasmushouses.com directly to reserve your place. Single Rooms (monthly): USD 600 -650 Double Rooms (monthly): USD 500 -550


Sabiha Hanım Dormitories

Sabiha Hanım Dormitories have been serving to Turkish and foreign students staying in Istanbul only for university education since 2007.

The dormitories are located in the city center of Istanbul and it takes 10-15 minutes to the social and cultural regions and Kadir Has University by public transportation.

Beyoglu and Haseki branches serve male students including breakfast and dinner at a price range of 2.500 USD - 4.000 USD according to the room type.

The newly opened Kıztaşı branch serves to female students including breakfast and dinner in the price range of 2.900USD - 4.750 USD according to the room type. For more information please check the website:

http://www.yakinyurtlar.com/beyoglu-erkek-yurdu (male dormitory)

http://www.yakinyurtlar.com/haseki-erkek-ogrenci-yurdu (male dormitory)

http://www.yakinyurtlar.com/sabiha-hanim-fatih-delux-kiz-ogrenci-yurdu (female dormitory)

Please contact to director Mr. Adem; whatsapp number +90 532 453 37 45 for booking.

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