When you come to Turkey to receive higher education you must first register at the university and then obtain a student residence permit in order to stay legally. According to the Turkish Migration Regulations, all international students must apply to a residence permit from Turkish Migration Office.

As stated by a new decision of Directorate of Migration Management, students will submit their residence permit application documents to the International Office.

The deadline for submitting your documents to our office is 15 days from the date you create your application form on e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr. We kindly encourage our students to create their applications under the guidance of International Office for avoiding technical mistakes.
You can see stages of Student Residence Permit application process below:
Stage 1: Student has to fill out application form through https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr, print it out and sign it. Make sure that all information you mention in application form is correct.
Stage 2: After completing your application form, you need to visit Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for providing your fingerprint. For providing fingerprint student needs to submit application form, passport, and student certificate to mentioned below centres. Files without a criminal fingerprint number on the application form will not be accepted.
Centers Where You Can Give Your Fingerprints:
• Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management
• Esenyurt District Working Group Presidency,
• Kumkapi Coordination Center,
• Pendik District Working Group Presidency,
• Sultanbeyli District Working Group Precidency.

Stage 3: After filling out residence permit application form, you must prepare and submit the required documents to our office. Please review the list of documents carefully and submit them accordingly.
The list of required documents for student residence permit:
1. Application Form
2. 4 biometric photos taken within last 6 months
3. Copies of passport, visa (if applicable) and entry stamps
4. Student certificate
5. Valid health insurance
6. Document showing your address information
7. Residence permit card fee
8. Copy of your previous residence permit card (if any)
9. Birth certificate, Letter of consent, Letter of commitment for students under 18 years of age

Stage 4: You must submit prepared documents to International Office within 15 days from the date of creating your application from. Your documents will be reviewed by our office staff and if everything is complete, we will deliver your file to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management twice a month. If you have any missing document, your file will not be received by our Office and will be postponed to the next document delivery date. Directorate of Migration Management may request additional information and documents if needed during the evaluation process. For this reason, please make sure that your contact information belongs to you and is correct.
Stage 5: When your application is approved your residence permit card will be delivered to the address you specified in your application, or you can take it from PTT cargo offices. When your residence permit document is out for delivery a short message (SMS) will be sent to your phone number.
Evaluation of the residence permit application is done by the General Directorate of Migration Affairs. The legal period for the evaluation and conclusion of the residence permit application is 90 days.
You can get all necessary information on how to apply for a residence permit at https://en.goc.gov.tr/ and you can call YIMER 157 (Foreigners Communication Center) free of charge for all