A New Book: Emotion Regulation from Theory to Practice

25 August 2023

The book titled “Emotion Regulation from Theory to Practice” (Kuramdan Pratiğe Duygu Düzenleme in Turkish), co-edited by Dr. Ayşe Altan Atalay from KHAS Psychology Department, is published by Koç University Press.

The primary purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a Turkish resource that includes current theoretical approaches and empirical research on emotion regulation.

Emotion Regulation from Theory to Practice (Kuramdan Pratiğe Duygu Düzenleme in Turkish)

Compiled by: Ayşe Altan Atalay, Burcu Kaya Kızılöz, Dilek Sarıtaş Atalar

Koç University Press, 2023, 408 pp.