The Students and Faculty of KHAS Molecular Biology and Genetics Won the International Best Researcher Award

10 January 2024

KHAS Molecular Biology and Genetics students Şeyma Nayır, Sena Kıvrak, and İrem Kara, and faculty members Assoc. Prof. Bengü Özuğur Uysal and Prof. Önder Pekcan won the International Best Researcher Award at the International Congress For Research Excellence 2024 for excellence in “Tungsten disulfide (WS2) doped polyacrylamide (PAAm) composites: Gelation and optical studies”.

We congratulate our students and faculty members and wish them success in their research.

PS – Titles are accredited by The American Chamber of ResearchInternational Journal for Science, Technology and Academic Research, The United Medical CouncilWorld Research CouncilTimes of Research, and Chronicles Time.