Our High Impact Factor Journal Publications

20 October 2023

Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and his students have two publications in 2023 in the journal with a high impact factor of 10:

  • “Multifractal Spin-Glass Chaos Projection and Interrelation of Multicultural Music and Brain Signals,” E. C. Artun, I. Keçoğlu, A. Türkoğlu, and A. N. Berker, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 167, 113005 (2023).
  • “Driven and Non-Driven Surface Chaos in Spin-Glass Sponges,” E. Pektaş, E. C. Artun, and A. N. Berker, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 176, 114159 (2023).

Can Artun is a doctoral student of Prof. Berker. İbrahim Keçoğlu, Alpar Türkoğlu, and Yiğit Pektaş were Prof. Berker’s students from KHAS Summer School for High School Students.

Can Artun has six publications with Prof. Berker, İbrahim Keçoğlu has three publications, Alpar Türkoğlu has three publications, and each of them is currently preparing a new article.

Prof. Berker recommends that all students who want to achieve such exemplary success attend KHAS Winter School for High School Students, held between January 22nd and February 2nd, 2024.